Monday, September 26, 2011

Art Studio - Before/After Pictures

After hours upon hours of hard work and fun...the art studio renovation is COMPLETE!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Group Project - Tree Painting

Yesterday the 4 art leaders painted together! It was such a fun afternoon! Jason, the school leader, gave each focus an assignment to create a piece collectively in one day. We worked on it yesterday afternoon...

Morrison, from South Carolina (far right in the green), Kalli, from Montana (black shirt sitting in the middle), Katrina, from Scotland (tucked away behind Kalli) I will be leading the art track with these lovely ladies! I'm so excited!

We all have different painting styles. It was incredible to combine them.

Time to add needle and thread...

One stitch at a time. Little details I adore!

My darling Katrina! Love her so much!

Final project! Felt birds sewn in + needle and thread, and "imagine" written on the left hand side.

It was a blast! I am so excited to lead with these girls, God is incredible. More to come...

I love you.