Thursday, August 18, 2011

Strained tendons - A season to grow...

I've been back nearly 3 weeks now! The day after I landed I woke up and ran for an hour. (The day before I left home I ran a half marathon) The weather was a bit different, breezy and cool. The second morning I did the same thing, woke up while it was still dark and met the misty roads and sun that was soon saying hello. The third day I was back my right foot was bothering me, the tendons were sore when I would walk - I noticed this around lunch time and tried to forget about it thinking it would go away. That next morning I went running and tried to push through the pain, but couldn't. Finishing back at my driveway I could barely walk. This happened August 4th. Two weeks later I still haven't been able to put on my running shoes and run. This happened from over running and a lack of stretching - (the half marathon then more running and no rest) strained tendons in my right foot, something that needs serious proper healing or else it could get worse.

For someone who is used to running an hour or more everyday, to not being able to run at all - you can only imagine how I would feel. I cherish my morning runs with Jesus, Him being the first person I speak to - the one I run with.

My running shoes sit on my shelf, untouched. I sit on my comfy chair with my leg propped up and a bag of ice on it...I just finished playing guitar - I like to turn all the lights off in my room except this one lamp, open a window so the breeze dances in..I was just worshipping God, singing my own song and this came out.

Outside of running
Outside of my shoes
Outside of running
I choose you

God is teaching me so much through this season of not running, letting my tendons heal, being patient and not frustrated, being thankful for feet. He's got me in a place where I'm literally still a lot of the time - I see myself as a little girl climbing up a hill, running through trails, jumping, swinging, and this injury is like God picking me up and saying, "Leash come here, let me show you something, take your shoes off for a bit, come down this hill." I follow with a frozen face, He's taken me back to our field full of wildflowers, kissed by the sun the petals shine, we walk to the middle of the field and there is a foundation, strong wood.. it looks like the foundation for a HUGE house. God brings me to the middle, takes my hand as if to dance, and looks at me and I smile - I start laughing, we laugh together so hard the birds resting on tree branches 100 miles away can hear this joy. Our eye contact is still and we both know what we're thinking.

"I am your daughter, your beloved bride. Your delicate rain. You are my foundation. I am yours. You are mine. Running isn't my foundation. You are my hiding place God. You are my joy. You are my perfect peace. In you I am content. You are my strength. In you I stand firm as your beautiful daughter, your beautiful bride."

He nods with a smile. Takes my hand and we begin to dance. (Or in my case, cradles me) I feel the weight lift off my back, and the burdens off my chest, every worry, every fear, every thought is lifted like the wind. We dance. My eyes meeting His - this is where I'm supposed to stay always...He is so lovely.

Other news: These past three weeks I've been renovating my art studio!!! I will post about that soon once its completely done! I have before and after pictures. God is so incredible.

I love you, I will write again soon!


Sara said...

Wow, Leash! This is incredible! Can I share it? Hugs from home, Sara

Joanie said...

Ahhhh.....sad to hear about the injury. Glaaaaaaaaad to hear about your sweet time with your Savior! Love love love you!!!

tamara said...

here's to a swift recovery, dear. you are the best at making the most of an inconvenient situation.

skype soon. sorry this weekend didn't work out.