Tuesday, July 26, 2011

''You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with your whole being.''

I sit here with a glass of water near me - I am overflowing with peace and joy - God is so good! My time at home has been more amazing than my little words can describe. God has orchestrated every moment - it has been a time to give and a time to receive. Like a pvc pipe with both ends open - a flow effect. Praise the Lord for precious family time. Here are a few photos.

I love my sisters.

Dear friend.

First time in one year my whole family was together. Big card game - lots of laughter.

One crazy cute bunch. Celebrating James' 20th birthday. God is good!

All together!!!

God takes my breath away. No matter where I am, He is there. His Presence is so thick, so fulfilling. I have had such rich rich times with God during this past month at home. He always brings me back to our secret place, the most important thing - intimacy with Him. Baby steps with Him, minute by minute. Trusting His lead each step of the way, no matter where my feet are in the world.

Thank you to everyone who came to my open house! What a blessing! I can't tell you how much it meant to me! Seeing your faces and hugging your necks brought so much color to my heart, thank you thank you. It was a beautiful evening with dear friends and family, paintings, hoots, laughter and sweet conversation.

This Thursday, July 28th, I will get on a plane and fly back across the world to Brisbane, Australia. No matter where I am, I know God holds me - He is my source for everything. I am excited about the next 10 months. God has so much in store! I will be leading another Discipleship Training School (DTS) - the students will arrive at the end of October and the school is for 7 months. Until then I will be serving on the YWAM Base and in the community, preparing for the school through prayer, planning, and finishing my art studio where the students will create with the Lord - and learn how to just enjoy Him and use their gifts to glorify Him.

Thank you for your prayers and support! May blessings shower on you today and everyday! I love you!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dear moon

I heard beautiful music earlier tonight. Sat at a black table with a friend and starred somewhere on the stage, lost in the beautiful notes and voices that echoed all around me. I drove home enjoying the dear company of my darling friend. I noticed the moon was hiding, a misty cloud layer was all I could see. Even though I couldn't find the moon, I knew it was still shining. Gods gentle loving reminder that even when I can't see what He's doing, I know He hasn't left my side and His eyes haven't left me. If you search for Him, you will find Him. I walked into a sleepy house and poured a glass of juice.

You know those days when you're dying to talk to your best friend? Waiting for them to get off work or answer their phone so you can spill your heart in hopes that they will catch it and have something to say? God is really bringing me to a place where time after time He is that person for me. He began speaking to me about this when I was in Germany and the Czech Republic. Speaking to me harshly, really wanting to get my attention day after day - He is the only constant thing. He is the only thing that can satisfy my heart. I walked into the dark rec room of the house, set my juice down on a small table, and just collapsed on my tummy on the couch - rested on a soft pillow, well many pillows surrouded me actually. I took a deep breath and just layed there for about 10 minutes. I had so much to tell my Lover and I couldn't wait. I began to whisper my heart. He really is the well that won't run dry, the ocean that never ends, the eyes that never shut.

The moon is still shining, even though I can't see it tonight. God never loses sight of me, and He never loses sight of you. Just talk to Him, tell Him about your day, your night with a friend, your fears, a funny joke, He can't wait to hear about it all.

Bon Iver meets my ears once again - tends to be my music for writing these days. Picture a pitch black field and all of a sudden a glowing butterfly leaves a tree branch and begins the fly, being the only glowing thing in sight. I feel like I'm that butterfly, writing to a dark void. Everyone is probably asleep at this hour. But thats ok! Well these are my words, and if you are reading them, smile please - God has so much love for you. I love you too, sweet one.