Monday, May 23, 2011


You wake up and find nothing pressing on your to do list. Except the word REST. You pack your bag, grab your camera, guitar, your journal, and your eno. Fill up your water bottle, zip your bag and meet your bike just as the sun is barely rising. You ride to a field far away from your home - you play a few songs to the lilies while the world is still sleeping. You say hello to the sun as it peaks over the horizon line. You write a song, put it on paper and tie it to a tree branch close by - maybe someone will read it and smile one day - or the tree will hold a memory of my beautiful morning. You ride through tree tunnels, and don't care if you get lost, you reach a cliff and tie your eno to some trees - and you enjoy the delicate weaves above creating a shadow like the finest lace below. You take out your camera to capture the beauty around. The sun rays, the wings of flapping birds, the detail of bark, feathers that fall, or butterflies that land on your toes - your mind holds nothing but this moment and the Perfect Love that never leaves you. After a few hours you decide its time to climb, you know a place not to far away - you ride and enjoy the wind, you meet some people as you climb and climb - then its just you and your running shoes, you find a path and run for a few hours - nothing behind you only your breath before you, your mind becomes still as your heart follows the rhythm of your feet. Reaching your bike again you ride back to the field where you started - you aren't in a rush - just like the sun is slowly saying goodbye, spreading its color onto the clouds and everything in sight, you petal towards this breathtaking color - you meet your field - you sit and stretch, your legs needs a rest. Before you head home you play a few more songs to the surrounding birds and flowers. Completely free, so content. No watch, the sun tells the time. As it falls behind the tree line you begin to petal home. Reaching your driveway after dark - people are already tucked away in their houses with their loved ones, only a few drivers out because its a chillier night then normal. You step inside, cuddle up with some tea, have a hot shower - turn of your electronics and put on some soft music - you write a thankful for list and close your eyes - you are excited for what tomorrow holds - but for now, you must dream.

This is a peak into my world on a day off - when nothing is on my to do list except the word rest.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May Update!

I have exciting news! I got a cheap ticket home for June 29th! I fly home in less than two months! God is so good. I will be home for 4 weeks. During that time I will be raising support and spending quality time with my family and friends. It will be a packed 4 weeks but restful at the same time. If you want to see me or hang out at anytime it would be a good idea to email me now and let me know! I'd love to see you!

Its coming Winter now on this side of the world. The day starts off really crispy cold. I wake up and make my tea, I grab my sweater and usually wear a scarf. The sun tends to peak out as the day goes on, still chilly but a balance with the sunlight. Probably the most refreshing weather. The bugs hide away and its definitely not hot but not too cold either. Its an excuse to cuddle up under warm covers, have a hot tea, and read a good book. I've had time to journal recently and its been so lovely. I'm about to start a few new painting projects, very much looking forward to that! I will post pictures of the progress.

I've been falling in love with my camera more each day. I'm in a season of learning more how I rest. Going away somewhere just my camera, God and I, is really restful for me. What brings you rest?

About two weeks ago I was walking down my street and saw an old man with a walker ahead of me. I ended up reaching him and said hello. We started talking, I kept at his pace. His name is Victor. He is 94 years old and happens to live alone on the street next to mine. His wife died when she was about 80. He began telling me all bout his life, the whole time his eyes were bright and his smile was full of joy. My face was lit up too, as I stood there in peace just listening to him talk. He eventually had to keep walking to the store, and I had to part my way but he invited me over for tea anytime I'd like. So last week I was walking back to the house and felt the Lord nudge my heart to stop my his house. He is number 15 with a cute red mailbox. So I walked over and knocked on his door. He answered with a smile. He didn't quite remember me right away but that's okay, he is 94 years old. I talked with him for a while and found out a little bit more about him. I think I'm gonna make him some cookies or bring him a gluten free snack for when I go see him next week. I hope this friendship continues. It's a simple story but one that made my heart full of joy, a sweet encounter, a new friend. I wanted to share it with you.

I'm gonna go for a long run now. One of the highlights of my day. Keep smiling, you're so beautiful. I will write soon. I love you.