Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Germany to Czech Republic

My time with God, writing on the train from Berlin to Cheb...

Berlin to Cheb this morning. Intense cleaning and bags packed to the brim. The clouds decided to cry today. The first time since we've been here. The morning felt like a cluster of birds rushing through the sky up and down ordering clouds and clearing the sky. Now I'm on the train. Two levels to this rectangle on wheels. Gliding through Europe like penguins on ice. Fields...mmm. Oh how I've missed you. Bare fields with colorful rooftops near the horizon. I'm not a city girl. I'm not a country girl. I'm both. Like a cozy plad shirt. Horizontals mixed with verticals creating a balanced pattern. Little bits of both. One month in the city. It felt like a lot longer. When you're in the city you miss the horizon, grass, and stars. Little things that are needed in my world. The fields right now are the color of sand, wet sand. Bare tall trees like wooden spiderwebs against the cotton white sky. From far away it feels like a dream. The colors of this landscape are soft. There's not much contrast at all. Damien Rice. Chilled water. Skating behind glass windows though open fields and bare choirs of trees praising God. Every once and a while the train stops, the only thing that seems to be moving is my breathing. After a short moment of resting in a cute cobblestone town with yellow houses, the train drives on. My mind is full yet empty at the same time. I feel so close to God in this moment. I'm out of reach to anyone. I like that feeling. Far away. People can't reach me, and I can't reach anyone. This is kind of precious. I just talk to my best friend. Much of the world today is filled with so much noise, its really refreshing to have quiet in almost every way.

My time is Berlin was so incredible words can't even describe. I feel so blessed in every way. From day one, blessing after blessing. God really does know what I need, He knows what's best for me, and I'm really seeing that here. One of my favorite ministries we did in Berlin was worship on the train. We would take our guitars, egg shakers, the glock, harmonica, and a heart to enter into Gods presence, to just praise our Papa. We would go on the U-Bahn, the train that circles around all of Berlin. It took about an hour to go all the way around, and we would just sit and play and sing to God, connect to Him each individually and together. It was unlike anything I've ever experienced. God has given me an even greater heart for worship since coming to Germany. I find myself singing all the time, trying to write new songs. I'm learning more guitar and piano each day and worship has become my biggest passion. I know its something I'm called to and I'm so excited about it. So the worship on the train and on the streets was unreal. I like to think of Gods presence like water seeping from me creating puddles. This water, these puddles are left everywhere I go because I remain in Him and He remains in me. Many people play on the trains and would ask fro money, but when we would just worship and not ask for money, you could totally tell people were drawn in and could feel the presence of God, they just didn't know it. Puddles were everywhere!

Another highlight of my time in Berlin was our Art Show/Live Music night we just had at der garten (a ministry we were working with, small cafe) We showed the Identity video I'm in, had made flyers and passed them out since week one. We just wanted to love on people, I'm so passionate about unconditional love and joy. We had munchies and would each play music at different times. Our art was hanging up around the cafe. We also had this wonderful idea of a prophetic art table where people could come and we could pray for them and paint or draw whatever word God gave us for them. Kim, the owner of the cafe would explain to people that I was praying for people and getting prophetic words, words of encouragement, whatever God told me, and painting that for them. We had a stack of 3x3 flat canvas squares and some paint, paper and pens - I was sitting there for most of the night. People would come sit down and I would ask them, "Can I pray for you?" At first it was one person every while, but once they knew what I was doing, and once people started sharing what I had painted for them there was a line of people waiting to be prayed for. People would tap me on the shoulder and say, "me next, me next!" I knew it was all God. I felt like my spirit was flying, like I was swimming or something, I was in such a flow, I felt so at peace. After I prayed and God gave me a word for this one lady, I hugged her she said, "Alicia I hope you know you're not just walking in a gift, you're walking in an anointing." My eyes filled with tears. I was speechless. Ever since coming to Berlin God has been telling me who I am, my identity in Him grows stronger everyday. Its so beautiful to hear from God who I am, and then when people say things like she did, it just confirms it. This night of prophetic art was huge for me. Not because I was the one painting or praying, no no. But because in connecting to Gods presence and just talking to Him about His precious kids, He showed me again that prophetic art especially for others is something I'm crazy passionate about, something I'm meant to do. I'm discovering more of Alicia everyday as I drown in His presence, and open my heart to His perfect love.

I wish I could write more but its midnight and my eyes are very tired. Thats a short update for now, I'm in the Czech Republic, at peace and so thankful.

I love you guys. I will write soon.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Video update!

I uploaded a short video update on my facebook page. I can't figure out how to upload it on check out my facebook page. Its the March 5th update!

Love love love!

If you ever want to skype me just let me know - aliciagrace1

Friday, March 4, 2011

Worship on the train

Just outside our apartment, walking to the train. It's time to worship.

Worship on the train

Praise the Lord! We had a great conversation with this man

Waiting for the bus home