Friday, November 4, 2011

48 students have arrived

The school has started!!!! We have just finished week one of lectures. 
The lecture topic was Character and Nature of God. Kim Brinkman taught. She is the school leader for the Beach to Bush Discipleship Training School that is currently running. The students started arriving little by little over a week ago. There are 48 students from all over the world and 15 staff!! The welcome dinner was wonderful.
There was lots of fun preparation all day in the kitchen! Kate is on the far right, Maija is next to her with the short hair, and Katrina is in the back chopping yummy veggies!!
This is Jess. She is a co-leader on the school. Love her!
Getting the community room ready, setting our chairs and tables, center pieces with colored pencils, candles...
"YAY!! Welcome dinner is tonight!!!!!"
We all gathered in this room (the community room) and ate a yummy meal with dessert. We had name placements for each person and had a few fun table games. Afterwards we had a bon fire outside with smores, tea and coffee. 
In each corner of the room we had a little display of each focus, this was the music corner!
Film and photography focus

The welcome dinner was on a Thursday night. That first weekend is testimony sharing with the entire school. So all 63 of us gathered in the MAD room, (media center where we have lectures and worship nights), we gathered with pillows, blankets, and tissues. Each person shared their testimony. I prayed the night before and felt like God wanted me to go first. So I shared my testimony first. God gave me a picture of a door being opened wide - I felt like if we as staff were open and honest then thats like opening the door for others to be open and honest. God moved and the students/staff were totally open. As each person shared more unity filled the room. Testimony sharing lasted Saturday, Sunday, and some parts of Monday and Tuesday. 

Last night was our first small group. We will have small group once a week for 2 hours. There are 10 girls in my group and I am co-leading with my sweet friend and fellow staff Maija from Finland. It was a beautiful time together with cookies and sharing. Within that group of 10 I have 4 "one-on-one's". I will sit down and meet with them each individually every single week for about an hour. Walk along side them, mentor, disciple, challenge, pour into. God has already given me such a heart for each girl, and the school as a whole. It doesn't mean I won't be pouring into the other 44, paperwork wise though, and on a more personal level, those 4 I will be connecting wtih. I am excited to see what God does. 

Tomorrow is Saturday and the school is helping volunteer at a local school festival down the street. We will go and volunteer however they need - face painting, picking up rubbish, helping people sell things in their stalls or with whatever they need, running errands, talking to people in the community, etc. This will be awesome to pour into the community!!! I'm so excited!

Next week the lecture topic is Hearing the Voice of God and my school leader, Jason Salori will be speaking. He is such a man of God and carries so much wisdom about this topic. Its so neat to already see how GOd is moving and working in the students lives. 

Morning tea happens every single day at around 10:30am. This is the courtyard. We have fruit and pastries, tea and coffee. These are some of the students!!
Orientation day! Morrison is leading the art focus with me. We were at the photo station, taking photos of all the students for the MAD photo board!
Maija, Anna, and Katrina in relaxing and planning.

MORE NEWS: Jason has shared with us 15 staff the outreach locations for this school and has asked us to pray. I am not allowed to reveal them right now, but that will be coming soon as the locations and outreach leaders are confirmed!

I am still in need of $3,500 for outreach specifically. That much has already come in and if you have given I am so thankful that is definitely an investment in the kingdom! Outreach is Feb 14 - April 2 (roughly) My goal is prayer is to have all the rest of my funds raised before Christmas. You can donate through my blog (with paypal) or you can send checks payable to Alicia McLeod to 9205 Natchez Drive Brentwood, TN 37027.

I hope everyone in America is enjoying the fall leaves and cool weather. Its getting hotter by the day, summer is on its way. I love each of you with all my heart. Thank you for praying and being apart of this amazing journey God has me on!

I will write soon!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Art Studio - Before/After Pictures

After hours upon hours of hard work and fun...the art studio renovation is COMPLETE!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Group Project - Tree Painting

Yesterday the 4 art leaders painted together! It was such a fun afternoon! Jason, the school leader, gave each focus an assignment to create a piece collectively in one day. We worked on it yesterday afternoon...

Morrison, from South Carolina (far right in the green), Kalli, from Montana (black shirt sitting in the middle), Katrina, from Scotland (tucked away behind Kalli) I will be leading the art track with these lovely ladies! I'm so excited!

We all have different painting styles. It was incredible to combine them.

Time to add needle and thread...

One stitch at a time. Little details I adore!

My darling Katrina! Love her so much!

Final project! Felt birds sewn in + needle and thread, and "imagine" written on the left hand side.

It was a blast! I am so excited to lead with these girls, God is incredible. More to come...

I love you.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Strained tendons - A season to grow...

I've been back nearly 3 weeks now! The day after I landed I woke up and ran for an hour. (The day before I left home I ran a half marathon) The weather was a bit different, breezy and cool. The second morning I did the same thing, woke up while it was still dark and met the misty roads and sun that was soon saying hello. The third day I was back my right foot was bothering me, the tendons were sore when I would walk - I noticed this around lunch time and tried to forget about it thinking it would go away. That next morning I went running and tried to push through the pain, but couldn't. Finishing back at my driveway I could barely walk. This happened August 4th. Two weeks later I still haven't been able to put on my running shoes and run. This happened from over running and a lack of stretching - (the half marathon then more running and no rest) strained tendons in my right foot, something that needs serious proper healing or else it could get worse.

For someone who is used to running an hour or more everyday, to not being able to run at all - you can only imagine how I would feel. I cherish my morning runs with Jesus, Him being the first person I speak to - the one I run with.

My running shoes sit on my shelf, untouched. I sit on my comfy chair with my leg propped up and a bag of ice on it...I just finished playing guitar - I like to turn all the lights off in my room except this one lamp, open a window so the breeze dances in..I was just worshipping God, singing my own song and this came out.

Outside of running
Outside of my shoes
Outside of running
I choose you

God is teaching me so much through this season of not running, letting my tendons heal, being patient and not frustrated, being thankful for feet. He's got me in a place where I'm literally still a lot of the time - I see myself as a little girl climbing up a hill, running through trails, jumping, swinging, and this injury is like God picking me up and saying, "Leash come here, let me show you something, take your shoes off for a bit, come down this hill." I follow with a frozen face, He's taken me back to our field full of wildflowers, kissed by the sun the petals shine, we walk to the middle of the field and there is a foundation, strong wood.. it looks like the foundation for a HUGE house. God brings me to the middle, takes my hand as if to dance, and looks at me and I smile - I start laughing, we laugh together so hard the birds resting on tree branches 100 miles away can hear this joy. Our eye contact is still and we both know what we're thinking.

"I am your daughter, your beloved bride. Your delicate rain. You are my foundation. I am yours. You are mine. Running isn't my foundation. You are my hiding place God. You are my joy. You are my perfect peace. In you I am content. You are my strength. In you I stand firm as your beautiful daughter, your beautiful bride."

He nods with a smile. Takes my hand and we begin to dance. (Or in my case, cradles me) I feel the weight lift off my back, and the burdens off my chest, every worry, every fear, every thought is lifted like the wind. We dance. My eyes meeting His - this is where I'm supposed to stay always...He is so lovely.

Other news: These past three weeks I've been renovating my art studio!!! I will post about that soon once its completely done! I have before and after pictures. God is so incredible.

I love you, I will write again soon!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Four airplanes - 30+ hrs of travel - God is good

I made it back safely!! Nashville to Austin - Austin to LA - LA to Sydney - Sydney to Brisbane. Thank you everyone for praying! The travel was long and connections were a bit rough but the entire time I felt so covered by prayer and by Gods Presence, and I made it just fine! I am so thankful for every prayer - thank you!!! My Aussie Grandparents picked me up from the airport and I slept like a baby for 15 hours the first night.

I had Sunday morning to myself at their house and I had some sweet time with God and read all of the encouragements from my Open House! If you are one of those people thank you thank you! It blessed me so much and I will keep them forever. I'm writing in my cozy room, with my orange scarf wrapped around my neck. Coming back to winter is a bit of a shock to my system! Its so nice to see my YWAM family again!

I unpacked this morning, cleaned my room and had some yummy fruit for breakfast. Sweet conversations with friends here, many hugs and catching up. Another adventure begins! God is so good.

I can't put into words how covered I feel with prayer. God is so constant - so real, so everywhere. I am learning that it is possible to live in peace always. I love Psalm 34 - "seek peace and pursue it." It's right in front of us like a beautiful butterfly resting around us, a gift, a treasure, we gotta grab it and hold on to it! I will update again soon, I am safe and well, resting in the Lord. I love you!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

''You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with your whole being.''

I sit here with a glass of water near me - I am overflowing with peace and joy - God is so good! My time at home has been more amazing than my little words can describe. God has orchestrated every moment - it has been a time to give and a time to receive. Like a pvc pipe with both ends open - a flow effect. Praise the Lord for precious family time. Here are a few photos.

I love my sisters.

Dear friend.

First time in one year my whole family was together. Big card game - lots of laughter.

One crazy cute bunch. Celebrating James' 20th birthday. God is good!

All together!!!

God takes my breath away. No matter where I am, He is there. His Presence is so thick, so fulfilling. I have had such rich rich times with God during this past month at home. He always brings me back to our secret place, the most important thing - intimacy with Him. Baby steps with Him, minute by minute. Trusting His lead each step of the way, no matter where my feet are in the world.

Thank you to everyone who came to my open house! What a blessing! I can't tell you how much it meant to me! Seeing your faces and hugging your necks brought so much color to my heart, thank you thank you. It was a beautiful evening with dear friends and family, paintings, hoots, laughter and sweet conversation.

This Thursday, July 28th, I will get on a plane and fly back across the world to Brisbane, Australia. No matter where I am, I know God holds me - He is my source for everything. I am excited about the next 10 months. God has so much in store! I will be leading another Discipleship Training School (DTS) - the students will arrive at the end of October and the school is for 7 months. Until then I will be serving on the YWAM Base and in the community, preparing for the school through prayer, planning, and finishing my art studio where the students will create with the Lord - and learn how to just enjoy Him and use their gifts to glorify Him.

Thank you for your prayers and support! May blessings shower on you today and everyday! I love you!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dear moon

I heard beautiful music earlier tonight. Sat at a black table with a friend and starred somewhere on the stage, lost in the beautiful notes and voices that echoed all around me. I drove home enjoying the dear company of my darling friend. I noticed the moon was hiding, a misty cloud layer was all I could see. Even though I couldn't find the moon, I knew it was still shining. Gods gentle loving reminder that even when I can't see what He's doing, I know He hasn't left my side and His eyes haven't left me. If you search for Him, you will find Him. I walked into a sleepy house and poured a glass of juice.

You know those days when you're dying to talk to your best friend? Waiting for them to get off work or answer their phone so you can spill your heart in hopes that they will catch it and have something to say? God is really bringing me to a place where time after time He is that person for me. He began speaking to me about this when I was in Germany and the Czech Republic. Speaking to me harshly, really wanting to get my attention day after day - He is the only constant thing. He is the only thing that can satisfy my heart. I walked into the dark rec room of the house, set my juice down on a small table, and just collapsed on my tummy on the couch - rested on a soft pillow, well many pillows surrouded me actually. I took a deep breath and just layed there for about 10 minutes. I had so much to tell my Lover and I couldn't wait. I began to whisper my heart. He really is the well that won't run dry, the ocean that never ends, the eyes that never shut.

The moon is still shining, even though I can't see it tonight. God never loses sight of me, and He never loses sight of you. Just talk to Him, tell Him about your day, your night with a friend, your fears, a funny joke, He can't wait to hear about it all.

Bon Iver meets my ears once again - tends to be my music for writing these days. Picture a pitch black field and all of a sudden a glowing butterfly leaves a tree branch and begins the fly, being the only glowing thing in sight. I feel like I'm that butterfly, writing to a dark void. Everyone is probably asleep at this hour. But thats ok! Well these are my words, and if you are reading them, smile please - God has so much love for you. I love you too, sweet one.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bon Iver

Sitting on my room floor with my back against my lounge chair. Hands a bit chilly because its winter here, my little heater on and a warm jumper with the hood up. Juice to my left - Multi Fruits. My mind is still. God is so good. Bon Iver streaming through my headphones. His music is like my juice. It's not just apple or orange or berry flavor, its all of them combined creating something extraordinary.

I've written more songs recently. Hello, Delicate Rain, and Evergreen Trees. Its so beautiful to do what you love. I've been praying that God would show me what's right in front of me, that I would love every bit and be fully content in Him - that he would awaken my passions and creativity with Him. Music has been like a rapid river in my life these past two months. I come alive with I play guitar, when I open my mouth and sing to my Lover.

Ten months ago I passed the security and waved goodbye to my mom and little sister Alli in the Nashville airport, and walked on a plane that took me here, Australia. I was walking away from everything familiar, everything comfortable. I landed in a country where I knew no one, not one soul. Together God and I kept walking and He took me on this journey. He taught me to embrace the unknown, that He is enough when I have nothing and no one. He's brought me over mountains, we've climbed steep hills, at the top He's given me a parachute and together we have soared down to a field full of wildflowers. He's given me wings and taught me how to fly. He's taught me how to trust when I'm in free fall, to keep walking and trust when I am blind. He's taught me that intimacy with Him is the most important thing in this life. No human can ever satisfy me like God can right now. He stood with me in front of the mirror and told me who I am, to the core of me, each day He speaks to me my identity in Him. I feel like I could write a whole book about the last ten months but that's some of it in a nut shell. In six days I will walk in the Brisbane airport alone, walk onto a plane that will take me to Nashville, TN. After 30+ hours of travel I will enter what is familiar, yet after 10 months apart, will seem unfamiliar. I've become so used to the unknown I don't know how I my heart will feel when I lay eyes on my family. Its a feeling that can't really be expressed in words. I will meet my family face to face. Praise the Lord for skype and phone calls and email, but face to face, nothing is like that.

I feel like a letter, one small letter that's mailed all around the world. Small mailboxes, my temporary home. This letter has a writer, a place where it was first sealed. And soon, very soon I will meet this place I call home. Sure your heart is your home, but no one, no where, can ever replace real family. I praise the Lord for my precious family.

This is a bit of what's cuddled in my heart right now - spilled out in words that hopefully make sense. All that to say, if you're reading this.. if you know me or you don't know me very well, I hope you know that God sees you right in this moment. Wherever you are in this world, you are visible. You yourself are a letter and you were sealed at what you call home and God is the writer of your story, from day one He hemmed you, knit you bit by bit. You are precious! The more I travel, all glory to God, the more I see that we really are all like flowers in a field. Each flower unique and precious on its own. But every flower desires sunshine, perfect love to fill their hearts, rain to grow in dry seasons, fulfillment. Don't lose sight of the flowers that surround you, people created in the image of God.

If you are a little flower that lives in Nashville I will be seeing your darling face very soon. I think this is all for now. More Bon Iver, a cozy blanket, and a book sounds nice.

I love you, really I do.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Wrapped in Piano Strings

Click on the link and turn your volume up. This is beautiful!

The sun is shining is beaming through the window in my office, landing on my desk, hitting my chill bump arms. The windows and doors are always open so the cool breeze is dancing through and the birds are singing their song. The crows are more like shouting. If it weren't for the sunshine I would be freezing. The last six weeks have been restful in many ways. I've been making more hoots and sewing clothes. I found so many blank tank tops and shirts in my closet I decided to start sewing things on them! Here is one tank top I made.

A little hoot on a tree branch.

My line of hoots in progress. All they need is stuffing.

I'm working on another shirt right now. My idea has something to do with birdcages! I can't believe I fly home in just 2 weeks. The excitement is building.

I love you!

Friday, June 3, 2011


Here are a few photos I've taken recently. I absolutely love photography. I'm so passionate about it! Many artist sometimes come to a wall when it comes to inspiration, but with a camera you just walk anywhere and look through the lens, beauty is displayed everywhere, Gods glory is everywhere, and capturing that beautifully in a frame is something worth noticing. Its all around us! When you look at it through a camera you begin to notice the details, the little stitches sewn in creation.

You are wonderful. I fly home in just a few weeks! So if you live in Nashville I will see your beautiful face soon, can't wait! Love you!

Monday, May 23, 2011


You wake up and find nothing pressing on your to do list. Except the word REST. You pack your bag, grab your camera, guitar, your journal, and your eno. Fill up your water bottle, zip your bag and meet your bike just as the sun is barely rising. You ride to a field far away from your home - you play a few songs to the lilies while the world is still sleeping. You say hello to the sun as it peaks over the horizon line. You write a song, put it on paper and tie it to a tree branch close by - maybe someone will read it and smile one day - or the tree will hold a memory of my beautiful morning. You ride through tree tunnels, and don't care if you get lost, you reach a cliff and tie your eno to some trees - and you enjoy the delicate weaves above creating a shadow like the finest lace below. You take out your camera to capture the beauty around. The sun rays, the wings of flapping birds, the detail of bark, feathers that fall, or butterflies that land on your toes - your mind holds nothing but this moment and the Perfect Love that never leaves you. After a few hours you decide its time to climb, you know a place not to far away - you ride and enjoy the wind, you meet some people as you climb and climb - then its just you and your running shoes, you find a path and run for a few hours - nothing behind you only your breath before you, your mind becomes still as your heart follows the rhythm of your feet. Reaching your bike again you ride back to the field where you started - you aren't in a rush - just like the sun is slowly saying goodbye, spreading its color onto the clouds and everything in sight, you petal towards this breathtaking color - you meet your field - you sit and stretch, your legs needs a rest. Before you head home you play a few more songs to the surrounding birds and flowers. Completely free, so content. No watch, the sun tells the time. As it falls behind the tree line you begin to petal home. Reaching your driveway after dark - people are already tucked away in their houses with their loved ones, only a few drivers out because its a chillier night then normal. You step inside, cuddle up with some tea, have a hot shower - turn of your electronics and put on some soft music - you write a thankful for list and close your eyes - you are excited for what tomorrow holds - but for now, you must dream.

This is a peak into my world on a day off - when nothing is on my to do list except the word rest.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May Update!

I have exciting news! I got a cheap ticket home for June 29th! I fly home in less than two months! God is so good. I will be home for 4 weeks. During that time I will be raising support and spending quality time with my family and friends. It will be a packed 4 weeks but restful at the same time. If you want to see me or hang out at anytime it would be a good idea to email me now and let me know! I'd love to see you!

Its coming Winter now on this side of the world. The day starts off really crispy cold. I wake up and make my tea, I grab my sweater and usually wear a scarf. The sun tends to peak out as the day goes on, still chilly but a balance with the sunlight. Probably the most refreshing weather. The bugs hide away and its definitely not hot but not too cold either. Its an excuse to cuddle up under warm covers, have a hot tea, and read a good book. I've had time to journal recently and its been so lovely. I'm about to start a few new painting projects, very much looking forward to that! I will post pictures of the progress.

I've been falling in love with my camera more each day. I'm in a season of learning more how I rest. Going away somewhere just my camera, God and I, is really restful for me. What brings you rest?

About two weeks ago I was walking down my street and saw an old man with a walker ahead of me. I ended up reaching him and said hello. We started talking, I kept at his pace. His name is Victor. He is 94 years old and happens to live alone on the street next to mine. His wife died when she was about 80. He began telling me all bout his life, the whole time his eyes were bright and his smile was full of joy. My face was lit up too, as I stood there in peace just listening to him talk. He eventually had to keep walking to the store, and I had to part my way but he invited me over for tea anytime I'd like. So last week I was walking back to the house and felt the Lord nudge my heart to stop my his house. He is number 15 with a cute red mailbox. So I walked over and knocked on his door. He answered with a smile. He didn't quite remember me right away but that's okay, he is 94 years old. I talked with him for a while and found out a little bit more about him. I think I'm gonna make him some cookies or bring him a gluten free snack for when I go see him next week. I hope this friendship continues. It's a simple story but one that made my heart full of joy, a sweet encounter, a new friend. I wanted to share it with you.

I'm gonna go for a long run now. One of the highlights of my day. Keep smiling, you're so beautiful. I will write soon. I love you.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday Thoughts

My day is coming to a close. Its been a full day. Like an envelope tightly packed with letters and notes, my envelope for today will soon be sealed and sent off as my eyelids close. It will be placed in my book, it never leaves my story. I just finished washing my face and brushing my teeth - one of the greatest feelings I think, clean teeth and a fresh clean face, completely bare. I often think about deep things. Just before brushing my teeth I prayed out loud with my roommate, after the prayer time I just sat there saying, "I want more, I want more of God, I know there's more." As I walked to the bathroom and as I was brushing my teeth God brought this question to mind, "What do you crave, Alicia? What are you chasing? What are you running after?" I stopped for a second. I often crave chocolate milk or apple juice, or a good run. I stopped and thought about it seriously - I got this picture of me seeing my family right now, if I saw them across a field I would without question sprint to them with everything inside of me. I want to sprint after God like that. To get to that place I think I first have to really answer that question for myself. Am I chasing anything other than God? If so I need to turn around and run away from it! I only want to run after God, which means I must daily choose with Gods grace and strength to run away from things of this world. "I wanna waste my life on you God. I just break open this heart, pour it all over you Lord, you're so worthy you're so worthy worthy are you Lord, you gave it all you gave it all you gave it all, I wanna give it all I wanna give it all, every drop of who I am on you lamb of God, my heart it bleeds for you my heart it bleeds for you, every beat of my heart let it be, let it be, let it be worship on your feet Jesus, every tear that I weep you come down and you catch, and you say this is the one, the one that I love. I wanna waste my life on you God. I don't care what people in this room may say, I don't care anymore, I only wanna please you Lord, I only wanna see you smile Daddy, just to make you happy, so all I wanna do for the rest of my life, is just love you, just love you, cause you don't stop loving me, I can't stop loving you, you don't stop loving me, I can't stop loving you, you don't stop loving me, I can't stop loving you. Never gonna leave, you're never gonna leave. Never gonna leave, no no. You're breaking off the shame, you're breaking off the fear, you're breaking off the disappointment of the seasons, when I thought you left me, and I can see your hand reaching out over me, and I can hear your voice, "I'm never gonna leave I'm never gonna leave I'm never gonna leave I'm never gonna leave I'm never gonna leave I'm never gonna leave never never never!!!!!!!!" Jonathan David Helser (In this video its Jonathan and his wife singing together in the studio at one point. I love it so much, its such a beautiful picture! I pray I can do that with my husband one day! How incredible would that be!)

I don't want it to just be a feeling in worship or in a good day because everything went great. I want to crave Him. I want to choose Him. Love is not a feeling. Love is a choice. What are you chasing after? What do you crave? That's such a good question to ask. I'm at a real raw place with God right now. I so long for more of Him in every way. I'm at the place where its like, "Ok God you have to wreck me with your love, you have to show up, be real, I know you're real, do something, I'm yours." More of His love, more of His heart, just more. I'm going running tomorrow morning at 5:30. I'm not a morning person at all, but God's really put it on my heart to have discipline in my life, to make routines and rhythms - one rhythm I want to form concrete in my life is quality time, time that isn't rushed or skipped over, set aside time with God during my runs. To run with Him every morning. I want to know His voice like I know my best friends voice. I want to know Alicia better, I want to know what He's called me to. I want to dive deeper into Him more than ever before. I want to crave His love above anything this world says I need. I want to choose Him and desire Him more than I desire anything - work, food, exercise, attention, a guy, money, anything - that's honestly where I'm at.

My finger tips are callused. I've been playing guitar everyday. Something that's also a beautiful rhythm. I'm learning the banjo too, and playing more piano. Alone time with God just worshipping Him, spending time with Him as I play and sing my hearts song. Playing music and singing awakens my soul. Like painting. I'm thankful for my hands, I'm so thankful for my voice. I'm thankful for my ears.

I've been painting more recently. My new favorite thing is to stretch my own canvas behind a wood frame. Painting with acrylic and sewing with needle and thread somewhere in the painting. Here are a few I did the other day.

The writing says, "My design is beautiful."

Worship. Praise. Praise, more praise, more praise. More time worshipping at His feet soaking in His perfect love. This is where I want to stay.

I love you, yes you. I will write again soon. I have one prayer request - please be praying that I can find a cheap cheap ticket to Nashville. I would love to fly home June 29th, right now my parents and I are looking and the tickets are 3,000 +. I'm believe for a cheap ticket! Please believe with me and pray pray pray!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Dear lovely blog readers,

If you've been keeping up to date with my blog then you are probably aware of where I am and what I'm doing. For those that don't know, let me tell you!

I am currently YWAM Staff in Brisbane, Australia. I left Tennessee this past Fall and moved to Brisbane August 25th. YWAM is an international nondenominational volunteer organization. My commitment as staff is for 2 years. In that time I will be staffing 2 DTS' (Discipleship Training School) and I will have a 6 month logistical phase where I will be serving on the base here in Brisbane and around the community where they need help. I am praying and planning to go home for a 4 week holiday at the end of June. I'm so passionate about where I am and what God has me doing here, and I want you to know how He's working and I want you to know how you can help support me! My biggest prayer request is for financial support. My base bill is 250$ a month. Right now I have money for the next 3 months. I haven't bought my plane ticket home yet either, and I need money for that as well. I love the Body of Christ and how we can all be connected by supporting each other, even when we are in different countries! My desire is for you to be apart of this with me, and to walk along side me on this journey. Thank you for hearing my heart!

The most efficient way to send money is by mailing a check to
9205 Natchez Drive
Brentwood, TN 37027
(My home in TN)
payable to Alicia McLeod. If you were to mail it to Australia there would be a significant processing fee.

I look forward to you journeying with me! I love you guys!

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Basket

I wrote this song in Amsterdam just a few days ago. I sat on a wood floor in an empty room at about four in the afternoon with the windows open wide, the cold breeze felt so refreshing on my freckled face. My eyes were frozen on endless fields of beautiful green, then they met the deep blue, and these words came out of my mouth. It's called the basket.

The Basket

It landed, in my field
Unexpected, it fell down

Somewhere high above the clouds your thoughts rest in a basket
Somewhere far beyond this tree line your heart soars
It soars
It soars
It soars

Just like a balloon is set free
I let it be

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Germany to Czech Republic

My time with God, writing on the train from Berlin to Cheb...

Berlin to Cheb this morning. Intense cleaning and bags packed to the brim. The clouds decided to cry today. The first time since we've been here. The morning felt like a cluster of birds rushing through the sky up and down ordering clouds and clearing the sky. Now I'm on the train. Two levels to this rectangle on wheels. Gliding through Europe like penguins on ice. Fields...mmm. Oh how I've missed you. Bare fields with colorful rooftops near the horizon. I'm not a city girl. I'm not a country girl. I'm both. Like a cozy plad shirt. Horizontals mixed with verticals creating a balanced pattern. Little bits of both. One month in the city. It felt like a lot longer. When you're in the city you miss the horizon, grass, and stars. Little things that are needed in my world. The fields right now are the color of sand, wet sand. Bare tall trees like wooden spiderwebs against the cotton white sky. From far away it feels like a dream. The colors of this landscape are soft. There's not much contrast at all. Damien Rice. Chilled water. Skating behind glass windows though open fields and bare choirs of trees praising God. Every once and a while the train stops, the only thing that seems to be moving is my breathing. After a short moment of resting in a cute cobblestone town with yellow houses, the train drives on. My mind is full yet empty at the same time. I feel so close to God in this moment. I'm out of reach to anyone. I like that feeling. Far away. People can't reach me, and I can't reach anyone. This is kind of precious. I just talk to my best friend. Much of the world today is filled with so much noise, its really refreshing to have quiet in almost every way.

My time is Berlin was so incredible words can't even describe. I feel so blessed in every way. From day one, blessing after blessing. God really does know what I need, He knows what's best for me, and I'm really seeing that here. One of my favorite ministries we did in Berlin was worship on the train. We would take our guitars, egg shakers, the glock, harmonica, and a heart to enter into Gods presence, to just praise our Papa. We would go on the U-Bahn, the train that circles around all of Berlin. It took about an hour to go all the way around, and we would just sit and play and sing to God, connect to Him each individually and together. It was unlike anything I've ever experienced. God has given me an even greater heart for worship since coming to Germany. I find myself singing all the time, trying to write new songs. I'm learning more guitar and piano each day and worship has become my biggest passion. I know its something I'm called to and I'm so excited about it. So the worship on the train and on the streets was unreal. I like to think of Gods presence like water seeping from me creating puddles. This water, these puddles are left everywhere I go because I remain in Him and He remains in me. Many people play on the trains and would ask fro money, but when we would just worship and not ask for money, you could totally tell people were drawn in and could feel the presence of God, they just didn't know it. Puddles were everywhere!

Another highlight of my time in Berlin was our Art Show/Live Music night we just had at der garten (a ministry we were working with, small cafe) We showed the Identity video I'm in, had made flyers and passed them out since week one. We just wanted to love on people, I'm so passionate about unconditional love and joy. We had munchies and would each play music at different times. Our art was hanging up around the cafe. We also had this wonderful idea of a prophetic art table where people could come and we could pray for them and paint or draw whatever word God gave us for them. Kim, the owner of the cafe would explain to people that I was praying for people and getting prophetic words, words of encouragement, whatever God told me, and painting that for them. We had a stack of 3x3 flat canvas squares and some paint, paper and pens - I was sitting there for most of the night. People would come sit down and I would ask them, "Can I pray for you?" At first it was one person every while, but once they knew what I was doing, and once people started sharing what I had painted for them there was a line of people waiting to be prayed for. People would tap me on the shoulder and say, "me next, me next!" I knew it was all God. I felt like my spirit was flying, like I was swimming or something, I was in such a flow, I felt so at peace. After I prayed and God gave me a word for this one lady, I hugged her she said, "Alicia I hope you know you're not just walking in a gift, you're walking in an anointing." My eyes filled with tears. I was speechless. Ever since coming to Berlin God has been telling me who I am, my identity in Him grows stronger everyday. Its so beautiful to hear from God who I am, and then when people say things like she did, it just confirms it. This night of prophetic art was huge for me. Not because I was the one painting or praying, no no. But because in connecting to Gods presence and just talking to Him about His precious kids, He showed me again that prophetic art especially for others is something I'm crazy passionate about, something I'm meant to do. I'm discovering more of Alicia everyday as I drown in His presence, and open my heart to His perfect love.

I wish I could write more but its midnight and my eyes are very tired. Thats a short update for now, I'm in the Czech Republic, at peace and so thankful.

I love you guys. I will write soon.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Video update!

I uploaded a short video update on my facebook page. I can't figure out how to upload it on check out my facebook page. Its the March 5th update!

Love love love!

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Friday, March 4, 2011

Worship on the train

Just outside our apartment, walking to the train. It's time to worship.

Worship on the train

Praise the Lord! We had a great conversation with this man

Waiting for the bus home