Friday, July 23, 2010

Leap of Faith

I worked the night shift at Starbucks last night. I served about four cups of coffee. I had so much time to clean and be quiet. In that time God spoke to me. It was so amazing and real. Let me tell you about it.

I was thinking about how I'm leaving in four weeks. My life is going to drastically change. I was frozen in that thought for sometime, then it was like the Lord just started talking to me in the silence of the coffee shop. I was scrubbing dishes with bleach and the hot water was running. He was saying, "My dear Alicia, a few months ago you talked to Me and you asked what I wanted for your life. You asked where I wanted you to go, and what I wanted you to do. I have put a blindfold over your eyes. I've taken you, picked you up, and led you up this hill. You don't know what you're going to see, or where exactly you're going. But I told you that what I have for you is great and only for you. I told you you're going to fly with Me. I've told you to trust me because on your own you don't have wings to fly, you don't have the strength to even stand. You have had times of doubt. How can I fly if I have nothing? You pray for financial provision but you're still waiting for me to come through. If I gave it all to you now, you would have no reason to trust me. Trust me, beloved. Trust me. In four weeks you're going to be at the top of the hill. I'm not going to take the blindfold off, I want to see if you can trust me when I say "Ok, now, jump forward and reach out in front of you." You are on the edge of a cliff and feel alone at times. Little do you know that I am standing directly behind you. I AM YOUR WINGS. Believe. I will hold you."

Right then and there at the sink I froze. I let my hands run under the water to rinse off the soap. I walked back to the freezer and just stood there with my eyes closed for about 2 minutes. I saw so clearly God leading me up this big hill, at times carrying me in His arms. Once we get to the top of the hill, I saw myself try to stand up still holding Jesus' hands. My blindfold is still on. I feel Jesus' warm hand in mine. He hugs me and I hear His heartbeat. I know I am safe. In four weeks I am going to walk up to the edge of the cliff. I saw the Lord guiding me with His hands on my shoulders. In my picture I hear Him saying, "Wait here until I say you can jump...and when I say jump I want you to jump and believe in Me." I stand still at the edge of the cliff. The Lord says, "Its time, jump alicia!" As soon as my feet leave the ground, the Lord picks me up in His arms and I begin to fly. He is my wings, He is everything.

What a precious reminder of faith and Gods love. I know I'm not supposed to see everything. I know that without God I am nothing. I know I can't fly on my own and I know I don't have any strength. It's in this realization that I know I need God in every single way. I am supposed to be needy for Him. I'm not supposed to see or know how the money will be provided, or how things will be once I arrive in Australia. I'm not supposed to see. I'm supposed to believe. Believe that the God who created the world and holds the universe in the palm of His hand HOLDS ME. Faith truly is believing in what you can't see, and I am learning that more than I ever have in my entire life.

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


It has been too long since I've written. It is time to blog again! I have missed writing so much. This summer I've been working at Starbucks. That takes up so much of my time. I love serving coffee, it's such a simple thing that can make someones day. I love sharing smiles with every single person. It's been one of my favorite jobs. However, my life is about to drastically change.

I'm moving to Brisbane, Australia August 25th. As most of you know, prior to starting college I attended YWAM in Norway for nine months at a base that was solely focused on the arts. For the past two years, I've been pursuing an Art degree at TN Tech. This summer I felt a strong calling on my life to go back on the mission field. Youth With A Mission is an international non-denominational Christan ministry that emphasizes discipleship training and evangelism. In seeking after God and listening intently to His voice, He's opened a staff opportunity at a very similar base in Brisbane, Australia. The students range from 17-27 years old. As one of twelve staff members, I will have various responsibilities including leading an outreach team for two months each year to another country. I've decided to accept the offer. The commitment is for two years.

I plan to blog on a regular basis. Don't worry there will be plenty of pictures and videos involved. I may be across the world but what a blessing to be able to write and share stories, and for you on the receiving end to receive and read. God is so unbelievably good! I can't wait to write about all of my adventures with the Lord! He has big things in store for everyone. This is truth! Thank you for taking the time to read my story. You are precious. I appreciate all your prayers.

p.s. The packing process has begun!