Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A story about two birds

There once was a little bird who lived in a tree house near a big field with beautiful trees everywhere, bodies of water, and many mountains. This bird loved finding shapes in branches and sewing them into pictures. She loved to look at the water and be still. The birds favorite place was this certain tree branch facing the water. She would stare at the water for long periods of time. She would also like to drop different things in the water and watch the ripples dance. She wanted to find peace in the trees shapes and she wanted to fly as peaceful as the ripples in the water. The other birds called her Meela, which means 'deep thinker', because of her love for trees, water, and peace.

There was also another little bird who lived far beyond the mountains, several bodies of water away. This little bird loved to sing. He also loved the water. This little one lived in a tree house too, but near a busy space with many birds. The water was his resting place and gave him inspiration for his songs. He would spend much time on his special tree branch studying the water. He saw the ripples like notes, all working together to create a beautiful song. After looking at the water, he would fly and sing ever so delicately like the water would dance, one ripple after another. His friends called him Raloo, which means 'singer', because of his love for singing, water, and peace.

Meela and Raloo seem different and a bit strange to the rest of the birds in the nearby sky, but they are something really special. Every bird has something different, there's is just more noticeable.

One Spring day while the sun was resting close to the horizon, Raloo was flying high above the clouds singing louder than ever. He saw one white fluffy cloud that stood out amongst the others, he went and rested on it for a while. It was just him and the cloud and his music. He was at peace.

Once the sun was no longer visible, and the moon was shining bright against the surrounding dark sky, that was Raloo's clue to head back down to his branch for the night.

Meela was an early riser and enjoyed flying in the clear sky, just her and the wind. She would soar above every tree, dance in the sky with her swirls, ups, and downs. The wind was her guide, her wings would do the rest. She loved to fly with her eyes closed and trust that the blue went on forever. She opened her eyes at one point and noticed a fluffy cloud with music notes on it. She had never seen anything like this before. Because of the wind, the cloud was moving closer to her, as it came closer she could hear a song. This song was beautiful. She rested on the cloud as it lay right above her body of water. She was at peace.

Meela was so happy yet puzzled all day because of the cloud with notes that came her way. She didn't tell a soul, it was her secret. Later in the day she had gathered many branches from various trees. She would normally rest on the ground and form the branches into beautiful pictures, weaving grass to hold each branch together. But tonight she chose the cloud. She couldn't leave the music notes, it was her new favorite place. After a long time of sewing branches, creating beautiful images that were so delicate looking and peaceful like the water, she left them on the cloud and flew down to her branch for sleep. She hoped the cloud with notes would come her way again soon.

The wind guided the cloud back to Raloo the next day. He was so speechless when he found the cloud in the crisp blue sky. He recognized it from the day before, it was the fluffiest cloud, except he had never seen the notes or branches before. It was very dark the night he was singing, and wasn't aware that the notes had landed around him and were resting there. So for today, it was just him and the cloud, with the notes and beautiful branches. He studied the delicate weave of each picture, he had never seen branches in pictures. He was in awe. He sang his heart out while enjoying the cloud. At the end of the day he decided to bring the branches to his tree house because he loved them so much. He didn't know where this cloud went the night before, or where the branches came from, but he sang a song before bed, let the notes rest on the cloud, then left the cloud with the wind and trusted it to be its guide.

The wind took the cloud with notes back to Meela the next day. She was so happy. She noticed her branches were gone, and that there were new notes playing. So this time she decided to take the notes to her tree house so she could hear them all the time. She made new pictures from branches and set them on the cloud before she went to sleep.

Days pass, and each day the cloud is sent to Meela then to Raloo, then from Raloo to Meela, again and again. Meela keeps every note that is sent on the cloud, and Raloo keeps every picture sewn with branches.

One early morning while Meela was flying like an angel in the sky, she thought to herself, "Who sings all of these notes? Where can they be found?"

One night when Raloo was resting in his tree house, just him and the branches, he thought, "Who is sewing these beautiful pictures with branches? It must be a very beautiful bird. Where can this bird be found?"

Time continues to pass. The notes in Meela's tree house grow and every day she feels so much peace through the music. The pictures with branches in Raloo's tree house cover the inside of his home, and every time he looks at them he feels peace and joy. Peace like the water, peace like the ripples.

They continue to enjoy the clouds gifts, but deep down they wonder where they are coming from. Who sends them? Meela knows there's someone on the other end somewhere, someone who sings these notes she receives, and she knows this little bird has a very peaceful soul because she feels it in the music. Raloo believes that some little bird takes time each day to sew a picture for the cloud, and he knows this bird is special and full of love because of the delicate weave. Neither of them know where their gift ends up, but they hope to find out one day.

To be continued...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Creative cupcakes

I wanted to post something on the lighter side. I know I tend to write about deep things with lots of reading. I think everything needs balance.

I stumbled upon this website:, and it made my tummy grumble. I can't wait to try some of the recipes! There are so many to choose from. Just to let your tummies know, after you see these photos you will be hungry I'm sure, very very hungry. (Just look at the photos for now, and make sure to read the p.s. at the end)

Phew! That was a lot, huh? I never thought that you could make so many different kinds of cupcakes! Its unreal and amazing! Are you hungry? I sure was after I looked at all those images. It's amazing how food can be an art all in itself. Just like a painter creates with different colors and brushes, a cook creates with different ingredients and utensils.

Okay that's all for now. I'm sure you're hungry so go grab a snack, or go make cupcakes! As always, remember to smile - you are beautiful.

p.s. Unless you carry a magnifying glass in your back pocket, you must go to the website to read the recipes. So go here: - and cook! Enjoy creating yummy cupcakes!