Thursday, February 11, 2010


It's currently 2:50am. I am wide awake. I feel like the rest of the world is sleeping. I don't know what your current moment is. Maybe you're awake too. Maybe you're reading this and its morning and you're about to start a new day. Maybe its the end of the day for you and you can't wait to meet your dreams. Or maybe its the middle of the day and you're not really sure how you're day is going, you just are here.

My current moment is me sitting in a pitch black room with nothing but my computer screen on. I feel like this moment happens a lot for me.

What do you do when you can't sleep?

Whenever I can't sleep I always love to write. I think some of my brightest visions and most amazing ideas blossom really really late. When the rest of the world seems to be sleeping that is when I am wide awake. Maybe you're not like me, maybe you like to just lay there underneath your covers. Wrapped up warm like a little burrito. You stare into the dark void and your mind becomes blank. Maybe you're laying there but you feel like your mind is running a marathon. You wish so badly there was an off button for your brain. Maybe you make some hot tea and read a book. Or maybe you write. Whatever your routine is, I encourage you to fit writing in also. You may not be a journal person, or you may not like to write at all. But just try it. Next time you find yourself awake at this hour, take out some paper and a pencil, or pull up a word document. Just write. Write about anything and everything. Its only you. Imagine yourself alone in a field. Choose a dance, and dance. Choose words, and write.

Some of the most beautiful flowers bloom by the light of the moon. One of my favorite flowers is the evening primrose. The flower opens in the evening and closes during the day.

You yourself are a beautiful flower. So, precious flower friend, I encourage you to write when you can't sleep. Just try. You are something so beautiful. Maybe you haven't heard it in a while. But let me tell you this, YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. Guy or girl. You are a treasure. A precious gem just waiting to be discovered. Never ever forget how special you are.

One more thing, let me share this with you. A thought that brings me peace is me standing in a field full of wildflowers. Surrounded by only the wind, butterflies dancing around me. Endless miles of flowers. Crisp grass tickling my toes. A blanket of blue resting above. I carry this thought wherever I go. Its not me longing to be somewhere else. Its me finding peace in every moment. You may be thinking, "Alicia its just a thought, how can that be peaceful all the time?" Let me tell you, the flowers of the field are all throughout my day. A smile, a good conversation, a pretty cloud, a hug, a glass of water, over hearing laughter, being still, seeing a wave from afar, a yummy apple, fresh juice, a nap, genuine eye contact, the wind, just breathing! The flowers are in everyday. All together you have a field. Its recognizing beauty in everyday, every moment. It's there. I promise you. It's all about perspective. Of course there are some days when maybe there's just one flower. Or maybe its been such a hard day that there are no flowers at all. Its going to be okay. This is the part you find yourself resting in the shade under a tree. You look above and all you see are branches, a delicate wooden spider web. You see confusion, or anger, or sadness, or you free alone, maybe you don't understand anything. Rest in this, dear one, in the days full of shade, know that you have not left the field. The field is still surrounding you! All you may see is shade and darkness, but the flower are still there. The flowers will come again. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in the next five minutes, but they will come. And you will appreciate the beauty so much more. So I don't know what your current moment holds. I don't know what kind of morning, day, or night it has been for you. Whether you're just waking up, on a lunch break, reading this on your phone, you just woke up from a nap, just finished a meal, or getting ready for bed. Maybe you're in a really bad mood, so you're frustration is distracting you from fully processing these words. Just reading this makes you more frustrated. Maybe you're completely at peace and so happy. Maybe you feel frozen and numb to your feelings. Maybe you're reading this and the whole time you've been thinking in the back of your mind what you need to do next. Or maybe you just can't sleep. Wherever you find yourself, whatever your current moment holds, I hope you can enter the field of wildflowers. Find the flowers all throughout your day. Know they are still there when you find yourself in the shade.

Whether in your dreams, or in your moments. Just beauty. Recognize beauty. Feel the peace around you. Its there, I promise.

Ps. You have no idea how special you are sweet friend.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A lovely car ride

Alone in my car with the windows down. I found my self waiting at a stop light for longer then usual. It was around lunch time so everyone seemed to be searching for lunch. I casually look to my right and with much surprise I saw the most adorable elderly couple talking with smiles. They were very much into their conversation. I observed their love as I sat very still in my car. The cool breeze was blowing through my window and beautiful music was playing. For what seemed like five minutes, the rest of the world around me seemed frozen. My mind somehow blocked out all the chaotic noise that was happening in every direction. In that moment, everything was mute except my soft music and the wind as it danced around me. That precious moment was suddenly gone as cars began moving around me and the light was in fact green. I drove up to the next light while my heart felt so frozen. I was just resting. I turned to my right again and there found the same couple. My face lit up and this time the elderly man was leaning over to kiss his adorable wife on the cheek. My heart was full of so much joy. A beautiful couple that has spent most of a lifetime together. They looked about eighty years old. I could sense their love and was blown away. What a beautiful thing.

When the light turned green, it felt like the play button was pressed. I suddenly was aware of the noise that surrounded me. Angry drivers running red lights and lines of cars bumper to bumper. I pull in at my destination, parked my car, and slowly turned it off. With only my keys in my lap I sat their for about ten minutes. Just me and the wind. Pondering that beautiful moment and processing the idea of love and giving love to others.

What are some things that you love to receive?

A smile

A kiss

A gift

A gentle word

A surprise lunch

A special glance

A phone call

When someone plays with your hair

Love is spoken in hundreds of languages. Every person gives and receives love in different ways. I encourage you to really think about your different love languages. Once you've thought about those things, then think about the people who are really really special to you. Speak love to them today. Speak love to them everyday. Whatever your love language is, pour it onto those special people in your life. Love can be so simple and such a small thing, yet it can change someones day more than you could possibly imagine.

Go now, and love.