Wednesday, January 27, 2010


A beautiful thing happened today. I was sitting in the library listening to my ipod. I found myself staring off into the distance really not thinking at all. My eyes landed on row of library books. They rested there for sometime. I began to think deeply about the fact that each book carries a different story. Not one is the exact same. I then thought that is how each person is. Each person is there own book. No other books are like them. Their story is unique and so special because there is only one. There is only one you in the entire universe. That in itself makes you breathtakingly beautiful. Rest in the fact that you are something so special.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day one

I hope you enjoy my words from inside. As you read I encourage you to create a comfortable environment for yourself. Create a peaceful moment. Sit still, clear your mind completely just for one moment, put headphones in, listen to beautiful songs and read. I am a very visual person. Therefore, when I write I tend to describe in detail the pictures I see. Let the pictures unfold in your mind. I hope you are able to paint the pictures for yourself as you read my words. Even if you aren’t a visual person I hope my words are able to help you paint it. Stretch your mind and think deeply. I think it’s so important to share the beauty we see with one another. Everyone sees things from slightly a different angle. I hope you are able to understand and soak in the beauty I write about.